Conditions for accreditation

The Act on education and vocational training obliges secondary vocational education students to pursue the practical component of their education / training with an accreditation work placement company. We refer to this as professional practical training.

As an accredited work placement company, you will fulfil the following conditions:

  1. You offer the student an effective and safe workplace that corresponds to the course. The student will carry out the profession for which he is training, with the corresponding work processes and tasks.
  2. You will train the workplace trainer in the requirements of the course and enable him to coach and manage the student on the work-floor. You will make time, space and resources available to the workplace trainer so that he can carry out his task.
  3. You are willing to cooperate with the educational institutes and SBB and provide the appropriate, necessary information.
  4. You agree to the publication of your business details in the public register of accredited work placement companies.

For the precise conditions and any sector-based additions, please consult our regulations for accreditation of work placement companies. If you disagree with the practical learning consultant's decision on your accreditation as a work placement company, you can lodge an objection.