Student en praktijkopleider op de bouwplaats

The Dutch Act on Adult and Vocational Education obliges VET-students to pursue the practical component of their education with an accredited work placement company. We refer to this as work placement. Accredited work placement companies – 'ordinary' companies as well as independent contractors – are a classic example for the branch. By training students, you are making an important contribution to the future of the profession.


As an accredited work placement company for SBB, you benefit as follows:

  • Education is a great way to attract keen learners and motivated employees. Many students end up working for the work placement company after education.
  • Students offer a fresh perspective on your company and bring up-to-date expertise and new insights which are important in order to achieve a good mix of young and old.
  • Students get to work straight away in your company. You can enjoy the help of young professionals on the work-floor.
  • Students exchange experiences with one another. You can therefore increase your appeal as an employer.
  • The special logo that you can use on your company vehicle, notepaper, website and so on provides a positive image to your clients.
  • You may be eligible for subsidies and funds, such as the Subsidy Scheme for practical learning provided by the Dutch Ministry for Education, Culture and Science.

Become an accredited work placement company