SBB: for vocational education and the labour market

Vocational education is based on two factors: education and industry. The main objective of education is to train people for a sustainable place in the labour market and in society as a whole. Industry deploys professionally qualified employees and makes an important contribution to the content and quality of offered training programmes.

Transcription of the video

When training young professionals, VET-education and the labour market have an important role to fulfill. VET-students learn a lot on the job, and for that professional  practice placements and apprenticeships are needed in a safe environment, provided by an accredited work placement company, under good supervision of a workplace trainer.

The accreditation of work placement companies was provided by 17 centers of expertise.

Now one single organisation supports work placement companies and schools: the cooperation organisation for vocational education and the labour market. SBB, in short.

For learning in practise there is…

  • one organisation accrediting all work placement companies
  • one contact for work placement companies and schools
  • one central website for practice placements and apprenticeships
  • and one service desk for all your questions.

SBB supports schools and workplacement companies to cooperate regionally.
We will make sure there are enough good work placement  companies.
We serve the interest of sectors and our consultants will stay in touch with you.

That way SBB makes sure that VET is optimally aligned with the professional practice and thus students get the best practical training with the prospect of a job and the labour market gets the professionals it needs.

SBB. Learning in practice.

Education and industry are brought together in the Cooperation Organisation for Vocational Education, Training and the Labour Market (SBB).