Regulated professions and study programmes

Student en praktijkopleider in de zorg

In the Netherlands we have regulated professions and regulated study programmes.

Regulated professions

A regulated profession is a profession where access to or practice of a profession is restricted to those who meet the professional qualifications required by law. You must prove that you have the right education and professional experience to practise this profession.

Regulated education and training

In the Netherlands, for certain professions there are regulated education or training programmes. These are secondary vocational education and training, level 3 and 4 (mbo-niveau 3 en 4), that are recognised by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.


A Dutch citizen obtains an Optician's Diploma on mbo-qualification level 4 within senior secondary vocational education and training (mbo) in the Netherlands. He wants to work abroad in another EU Member State in the same profession. The profession of Optician is not regulated in the Netherlands. The profession is regulated in the host country. Because of the fact that the study programme for Optician is regulated in the Netherlands, as is explained above, this person should be treated the same by the competent authority in the host Member State as someone who has qualified for the regulated profession of Optician.

Important websites

    gives information on professional qualifications and diplomas in the Netherlands
  • regulated Professions Database of the European Commission
    gives information on regulated professions and competent authorities in all EU Member States
  • solvit
    Solvit is initiated by the European Commission. EU citizens or businesses can contact Solvit when they face extra obstacles in another country because a public authority isn't doing what is required under EU law.

More information

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