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Once you are logged in to our site, you can search for a practice placement or apprenticeship for your student, recommend a company for accreditation, inspect and update your details, and so forth.

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You help students along in finding a work placement or apprenticeship with an accredited work placement company. Did you know that you can also recommend a company?

Visit and click on 'education log in' under 'education'.
Log in using your email address and password.

Click on ‘recommend a company’ where the steps that follow will be explained to you. Click on ‘start’ at the bottom of the page.

Take note! You can only submit a recommendation if you know the name of the student and the work placement period.

First look for the company. Do this by way of the CoC number, company name, location or postal code. Is the company not included in the list? In that case it is not yet accredited and you can proceed with the recommendation.

Enter all contact details under step 2 for the company that you want to recommend and click on ‘next’.
Select the student's VET programme under step 3. Add this programme to the list. You only know the current crebo code? The system automatically translates it into the new crebo code from the revised qualification structure.

Enter the student's name and the work placement period under step 4. State why you are recommending the company under the brief explanation.

Check and perhaps amend the details that you entered, and proceed to submit the application for accreditation.
The company will now receive an email with your recommendation. SBB will process the request as soon as the company has confirmed your recommendation. You can also keep track of the recommendation yourself.

Do you have a question? We will gladly assist you. Send us an email or contact our Service Desk on telephone number +31 (0)88 338 00 00 or by sending an email to

Thank you for your recommendation. Your recommendation helps students find a professional work placement or apprenticeship in the safe environment at an accredited work placement company.