Core tasks and work processes

Student en praktijkopleider in reizen

You have a sense of responsibility, a talent for organisation and work well with others. As well as your contact with the student, you maintain contact with the work placement coordinator (the student's supervisor at the school) and the SBB's work placement advisor, who will provide you with support and advice.

As laid down in the SBB regulations for accreditation fo work placement companies, your core tasks and work processes as a workplace trainer are as follows:

1. Organise the student's practical learning process

1.1 Hold the selection interview with the student

1.2 Draw up an induction programme

1.3 Establish the student's starting situation and learning needs

1.4 Determine the learning activities in consultation with the student

1.5 Draw up a practical training plan

1.6 Maintain contact with the work placement coordinator and the work placement advisor

2. Train the student in practice

2.1 Train the student in the workplace

2.2 Monitor and steer the student's learning process

2.3 Hold supervision or progress interviews with the student

2.4 Assess the student's progress in the learning process

2.5 Evaluate the work placement period