Student en praktijkopleider in sport

As the workplace trainer you are the student's first point of contact. You create a learning environment in which the student experiences as many practical situations as possible that he will come across in the occupation for which he is being trained.

Core tasks and work processes

You have a sense of responsibility, a talent for organisation and work well with others. As well as your contact with the student, you maintain contact with the work placement coordinator (the student's supervisor at the school) and the SBB's work placement advisor, who will provide you with support and advice.

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As a workplace trainer you have a supervisory and educational role. You convey professional knowledge and encourage the student to take responsibility for his learning process and his performance as an employee. You motivate the student and adapt the supervision to his needs. You also monitor the progress of the learning process.

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Progress interview

Once your student has made a start, it is advisable to schedule contact moments each week. That enables you to check that the agreements are being properly kept.

Every morning if possible:

  • What is today's assignment?

Every Friday afternoon or Monday morning:

  • What has been learned?
  • What went well, what could be done differently?
  • What else does the student still want or need to learn and do?
  • Are there any questions?
  • What are the plans for next week?

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