Matching and preparation


An important aspect of vocational education and training consists of learning in practice, known as work placement.

Practice placements and apprenticeships

There are two types of work placement: practice placements (school-based pathway) and apprenticeships (work-based pathway).

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Educational levels

Vocational education and training has four levels. The level determines what you can expect from your student.

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Selection and recruitment

You are an accredited work placement company and looking for a suitable student. This can be done through VET schools, through and through other channels.

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Concluding a work placement contract

The arrangement between the student, the school and the accredited work placement company are laid down in a work placement contract. The school is responsible for the contract.

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Practical tips for the workplace trainer

Students are professionals in training. Fortunately, they can count on your expertise and guidance as a workplace trainer. SBB's work placement advisor will be pleased to help you. We have set out some practical tips for you below.

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