Accrediting foreign work placement companies

Controle in een kaasfabriek

Dutch VET-students are increasingly going abroad for a work placement. According to the Dutch Act on Adult and Vocational Education, they may only attend accredited work placement companies. Therefore, foreign work placement companies must also be accredited. Furthermore, this means that the conditions for accreditation used on Dutch companies also apply to foreign companies who want to become an accredited work placement company.

Become an accredited work placement company

What happens once I've applied?

Once your application is fully completed, you will immediately receive an email that indicates that we are processing it.

A SBB work placement advisor will not visit you in person. He will notify you in writing, via email or by phone. He may engage a foreign partner organisation to carry out any necessary inquiry in his place.

After the accreditation is confirmed, your company will appear automatically on This is the website that students use to find an available practice placement or apprenticeship.

File an objection

You have the right to object to the work placement advisor's decision within six weeks after the day you received confirmation of your accreditation,. You are able to do this by sending a formal letter of objection by postal mail to the attention of the SBB Board of Directors. See the conditions for accreditation and contact details.